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Every year Zuma Productions makes a number of films on a variety of subjects such as industry, art, animation, business, communication, etc.

In this section we present some of our productions.

Just contact us and we will examine all your projects with care and attention.

Demo film

This film compiles images of Zuma shots. This helps us communicate about our work and the many ways of using our videos.

Naked - Paris 2014

While taking a walk - an exhibition, two artists, one place ... a film.

SOKOA Armchair M4

Presentation film of the technical characteristics of M4 Armchair. Film made on our platform with dynamic graphics and 3D.

Aitziberren Ametsa

Trailer for the DVD of show "Aitziberren Ametsa" recorded at the "Teatro Amaia" in Irun (Spain). DVD available for sale.

Holydays to Hendaye

Film directed to the Tourist Office of Hendaye.


Zuma Productions is a modern cutting edge, multi-service structure, equipped with a film set with cyclorama (see "The studio"), with three High Definition film units, three state of the art HD cutting tables and a sound and music mixing unit.

We use this equipment to make top quality films with optimal rendering. And we have enough equipment to be able to take on numerous projects simultaneously.

Today, we are extending our range of films, and can now offer a number of audio-visual communication tools to help you to boost your sales force, communicate your image and present your products wtih a difference.

Our fields of expertise

  • Presentation film (general or marketing presentation)
  • Training tools for your employees or service providers
  • Installation or maintenance guides for your products
  • Work supervision for your customers or municipal employees
  • Publicity or product presentation
  • Pack-shot videos
  • All types of graphic works
  • Musical creations

Supplementary services

We have a wide range of multi-format equipment to make all sorts of duplications, copies and digitalized editions. At Zuma Productions we also have a complete set for creating DVDs and BluRay, screen printing and mass duplication.

The Zuma Studio

The Zuma Studio was created so that we could offer you a complete set to create our photo and video projects, from the photo shoots or filming in the studio right up to the final cut.

A cyclorama set (2 walls) of 24m² for an area of 45m² allows us to produce all sorts of films and shootings. Fully equipped with LED lighting - much greater comfort for all involved - it allows us to take all kinds of shots.

And to make things even easier, the front lights are suspended on to a system of rail-mounted pantographs. So the set can be altered at any time.

Feel free to contact us for more informations.


About us

Our background

Zuma Productions was created on 5 march 1999 in Guéthary, right on the Basque coast. In 2012, Robert Estagnan, a former manager of technological resources for the M6 Group, and Joffrey Cantal, senior technician and video editor for the M6 and Décathlon groups, took over the company and based it in Hendaye.

Our work

For over 15 years we have given you the benefits of our passion for image and our expertise in cutting-edge audio-visual techniques to help you modernize your image and your communication processes. Basically, for 15 years we have transformed our passion for audio-visual into productions to boost your image and your sales.

Our expertise

Zuma Productions is a modern, dynamic structure always at the forefront of new technology. We always offer you the latest in production techniques and processes, and we pay particular attention to monitoring technological developments. Thanks to the experience our team members have acquired in the major French audio-visual groups and in artistic circles, we can deal with all your audio-visual projects and offer you productions that are punchy enough to boost your sales force, and in line with your company's image, for more compelling presentations.

Our team

With three core members, the Zuma team can produce 95% of our services in-company. Each team member is fully competent in the most cutting-edge filming and editing techniques, and specialises in an area such as motion design (three-dimensional dynamic graphic illustration), sound mixing and musical creation, graphic editing, etc. For some projects we supplement the team from our special network of independent professionals.


We would be delighted to examine your projects with you. Contact us by phone on +3366 76 56 00 84 or using the "contact" form below.

Our address

Centre des artisans n°5, Z.I. des Joncaux, 64700 Hendaye FRANCE

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